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Grand Theft Auto V Redux v1.10 Install Guide


GTA 5 Redux is a complete overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

Redux brings major improvements to GTA V in the following areas.

* Weather
* Textures
* Effects
* Reshade + ENB

Game Enhancements
* Police System
* Weapons, Melee, Explosions & Damage
* Population, Random Events & Pedestrian Ai
* Vehicles
* Ragdoll, Euphoria, Physics

and more...

1. download openiv 
download redux 
download scripthookv 
download scripthookvdotnet 
download reshade 

2. unzip all 

3. execute openiv installation and open when done when it opens press on grand theft auto 5 windows, locate gta 5 folder and press select folder then continue. After it's done openiv will open again. press on tools then asi manager and install all three: asi loader, openiv. asi and opencamera. After it finishes press close then press on edit mode in top right in openiv. 

4. inside openiv open tools and press on package installer, locate redux folder and open gta5_redux.oiv, press install and select mods folder then press install. After installation finishes don't press open gta 5, press close. 

5. go to gta5 redux folder then open the folder inside called gta5_reshade. copy everything inside to main gta 5 folder directory and paste 

6. open reshade setup u downloaded from the link and choose select game then locate gta 5 directory and choose GTA5 (not PlayGTAV). it will take u to effects page and u have to check them all to install then press OK. After its done press x 

7. open scripthookvdotnet folder, delete license and readme, then copy everything else to gta 5 directory inside that folder. 

8. open scripthookv folder, open bin and copy only dinput8.dll and scripthookv.dll to gta 5 directory. press yes if it says replace files

press home button on keyboard to access shaders

9 -
unzip then copy menyoostuff folder and menyoo.asi inside gta 5 directory 


- Use Home button to access shaders menu
- Use F8 To access Trainer Mod
- Use F5 to show the "addonspawner" Mod Menu

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